2011 - A frame of reference by Google,Twitter and Youtube.

Google Zeigeist 2011

   Google,simply the synonym of search,consistently curb the millions of search queries over the years to advance the user search experience.The mighty consequence is the Google Zeigeist which shows us the prominent attention about 2011.

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Twitter:Year In Review 2011

  Twitter,a leading micro-blogging and social networking service,simply the guardian of swarming failwhale ,showed us the powerful element in web 2.0 i.e Tweet.In this era of social media,a  webpage is merely numbed without a Twitter widget or Tweet button.This tempts the W3 Linker to rethink 2011 in viewpoint of Twitter.

YouTube:Rewind 2011

  YouTube,a video sharing website which almost hits  every media minds,the way we share videos have been simply re-engineered by this tube.No need to be a geek to get into videos in web in precise to their ease-of-use is made possible by YouTube.Let this make us to think of reviewing 2011.



Make Your Googling Efficient - A Google A Day !

        Google became a part of our daily life whereas googling is such a handy job that everyone does in search of simple mathematical calculations to complex real-time solutions.In this situation we should enhance ourselves the ways of searching with google in order to bring the target information in minimal search time,and this could be achieved simply by a practice everyday.The W3Linker shows you a place which is good to start i.e "A Google A Day" which  minimizes your search time on everyday hit.

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Make Better Photography - All your way.

          As a hobby photography beginner you need a lot of resources to enrich the way you look into the world and what matters inside our day-to-day surroundings.This will really help your insight about "how things getting done around.For those who starve,i believe the following stuff could feed you well .

#1 www.digital-photography-schools.com                      
#2 www.all-things-photography.com           
#3 www.schoolofphotography.com                                            


Learn 20 Things About Browser & The Web !

  Here goes a node which every internet surfer should check out.There explained the basics of browsers functionality and entry level stuff behind the web.The interesting byte is that this material is brought to you by the internet giant Google in taking some advantage to increase hits for their domestic product Chromium browser.


How your operating system got its name !

    Here goes the node which shows you the most typical naming reasons for the computer operating system from their inception brought by How-To-Geek .

   The main considerations over the world renowned Windows versions and eminent Linux distros.Also for most popular GUI operating system MAC from Apple.

            Click here to find out the reasons behind the Names



Top Blogs,2010 - Compiled by TIME

        Here goes the top blogs of the year 2010 listed out by the world renowned TIME.

 These TIME compiled blogs list is up to something such that we believe at the best from tones and tones of junk bloggers.

                                    Go through the Top Blogs !

Even though most of these blog work results with Team Work some personal blogs still have their own branded stuffs which can be easily detected with a Google's real time compilation team up to date shown in the W3Linker's previous thread.

Audio Books Library Work !

Direct Hit:Audio Book Lovers.
Step Up:Simple interface.


         Free e-books are now abundantly available, but audiobook lovers typically pay top dollar for readings of their favorite works. Librophile offers a massive library of free audiobooks, ranging from classics to sci-fi to fairly recent fiction. While the site itself is hideous, the selection of books is immense. Search by author, genre, or title, and download the book as a zipped set of MP3 files or subscribe to its chapters on an iTunes RSS feed.

Remember Everything Via Cloud !

Direct Hit:Anyone.
Step Up:Cloud Application.

Node: www.evernote.com

         Evernote lets you capture ideas, images, or audio clips from your PC or phone, and then sync them to the cloud for easy retrieval and organization. It even works with handwritten notes, turning your chicken scratch into searchable text.
Threat: Require Client Utility.

Trim Your Mp3 Files Online !

Direct Hit:Media Workers.
Step Up:Site powered by Flash.

Node: www.cutmp3.net

     CutMP3 lets you upload any song to its music editor and then trim it down to the portion you want for your ringtone. Once you've picked your clip, just save the track to your phone and set it as your ringer. Easy-peasy, and totally free.
Threat: The tool cuts the MP3 at the frame level without losing the quality of your MP3.

All in one:Online Multimedia Tools !

Direct Hit:Media Workers.
Step Up:User Friendly.

Node: www.aviary.com

       Aviary Tools is a full suite of applications aimed at web developers rather than online photo-editing fans. The result is very impressive. It’s such a complete image-making suite that your old desktop tools may soon seem obsolete. There are seven tools currently available in the suite, with Image Editor (Phoenix) and Vector Editor (Raven) at the core. There is even an audio editor for quickly creating your own tune.The other four tools consist of a Color Editor, Effects Editor, Image Markup, and a Screen Capture tool.
Threat:Music Creator is Trending now !

Make Slideshows Online

Direct Hit:Media Workers.
Step Up:Site powered by Flash.

Node: www.animoto.com

         Creating photo slideshows is easy enough with most photo editing apps, but making your slideshows sing takes a lot of work. The Animoto automated slideshow creator turns your photos and videos into stunningly cool slideshows complete with music and impressive transition effects that look professionally made. You can share your video on social networks, e-mail the link to your contacts, embed it on a blog, or send it to YouTube.
Threat: Animoto's free slideshows are limited to 30 seconds.

W3 Linker 1.0 Unleashed !!! -W3 Linker Got Its All New Brand Style !

   Vinoth,Editor,W3Linker hereby wish you a prosperous new year 2011, and feels proud to announce the all new brand style of Blogging through the following goodies.

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  • Step Up(Task to consider with the Link).
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By this Style,here after you can feel the warmth of Blogging at a great Extent Version 1.0-->W3 Linker 1.0.

                        Thanks for your support !!!.