Create a twitter background using Power Point

Here you can find a short tutorial to create Twitter background using Power Point !!! Really simple and amazing !!!

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Online Resume

Here you can create your career resume online...And can find all the tools, templates, and support you need to write professional resumes and cover letters, ace tough interviews, and secure a great job.

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Great plugins for Blogger

Here you can find out the most important and updated plugins really useful for bloggers.

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Official Google Blog

Here you can get the official info releases by google.

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Fine Blogger Designs

     Here you can find some cool themes for blogger blogs.I pluck a theme from this too make use of it.

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Meet Millions of Bloggers !

Here you can share your thoughts with millions of bloggers all around the world.

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Got IndiRank to my blog !



.Net Components for Mobility

Recently while im xplorin c# with Bluetooth,i foung some components really valid and used world wide.
You too can use them for your .net apps.

         Click here to Xplore .Net Mobility !


Web Analytics in Real Time -"Clicky"

Clicky is nice web analytics System for your website.The best thing i found with it is that Clicky is associated with giant free Website provider,

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Tips to load your blog faster

Here you can find some ways to improve the loading speed of your blog driven by Blogger.

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Wolfram Alpha -Techno Research Engine

                Wolfram Alpha, an online computational knowledge engine accessing trillions of pieces of curated data and millions of lines of algorithms.

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