Test Your Interet Speed Online !

          Here you can test your internet speed online.Data Transfer speed by downloading speed also calculated and summarized according to your specifications .

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Book Works From Bill Gates !

          There may be millions of books and articles about the success of this Software legend,Bill Gates.However,he himself wrote only a few books,Still they became the favorite book of many people around the globe.Here you can find the list of books he delivered and taglines for it,pressed from Microsoft Corp.

                     Watch Out The Books Of Bill Gates ! 

2010:World Trends @ Twitter!

     Twitter became the most powerfull Social media by this year 2010.Website or blog without a Tweet Button cant even be eligible to hosting provisions itself as the growth of Twitter has been incredible.So that the #NewTwitter gotta great applause all over the world and increasing the number of tweets per day extends in billions.To the previous post Top Trends 2009 , hereby 2010 found some useful statements unleased by Twitter titled
" #Hindsight2010 " for its fans as follows.. 

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2010:What The Whole World Looked For ?

      When we look around the Christmas eve,we can see the Next Year at the leap,thereby some thoughts wave the memories of the whole year.At some extent,we think what others could looked over the year.By the way,the Internet Giant Google published a list titled 'Zeitgeist 2010' which gives you a complete info,What the Whole World Looked at 2010.

              See What The Whole World Looked in 2010 ! 

World Time at your Browser's Tab

         Sometimes when we work on some shared Computers for Internet,thereby if we need to know the Local time,we cant believe the time in that Computer.So the way,Here a Link found useful for you to help Know the real time and date just through your Browser's another Tab.Also we can know the time of some other major cities all around the world.

                      #1 Know Time In India !

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Virtual Resume !!!

      To The Previous Post   "Online Resume " ,I found three more attributes to be valued.It will be perfect peer as the links are recommended by an article in Indian Express edex yesterday(06/12/2010).The Premium services also available at affordable prices in these sites.

                     #1  Free Node helps a lot !

                 #2  A Variety of Vision !


Learn Languages Online -LiveMocha!

     Here i found a really awesome site for those who want to learn a new language online.In this site you can learn your desired language with with your native language or of what language you have been familiar with.Really helpfull at any level of the language you had wind up previously and having email updates.Moreover  online chat assistance !

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