25 Great Blogger Widgets

   Here i found great widgets for your Blog,derived from Mashable,With in intention to enroll youself in social Media and of various catogories.

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Google Logos - Doodle Archieves Since its Origin 1998 !

           Google Homepage been attracted by millions of users worldwide for its simplicity but also for complicated users,the task with customized homepages been provided with igoogle.Since 1998 the google logo designed to be various criteria to make the users to be more enjoyable and informative with some social awareness and called as Doodle,Dennis Hwang as origin doodler.The below linked page have the All time doodles archieve,Compiled by Google Team.

          #1     Click here to drive the Archieve !

          #2     Click here to drive the history of Doodle !

          #3     Click here know about Dennis Hwang,Native Doodler !


Text Editor Online

   Its very itchy to open up a text editor from our computer to note down some important notes.so,editor at another tab of our browser sounds cool.I found three links to be valued as follows,

         #1 Click to peer simply.

             #2 Account based document maintenance.

         #3 Editor for your website.


Sexy Under Construction Webpage Designs!

   Here i present the links i found great to enroll youself if your webpage is under construcion and state the concern to the customer.

                #1 Concepts with Goodies
                #2  Simple Images to proceed.

                #3  Premium designs. 

Blogger Blogs To Note,Compiled by Blogger Team

     In the below linked blog you can cross archives over millions of Interesting and noteworthy Blogger-powered blogs, compiled by the Blogger Team.
A bigger credit i found such that the blog has tons of archives update regular from January 2001.

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Simple way to Check Cross Browser Compatibility for your Webpage !

         While designing a webpage we often find faults with other browsers than what we use to preview the page at developement sector.This is because each browser ought to show the page with its native manner and also the resolution criteria has to be considered.

For this concern i searched web with some extent shots and found a worthy link for you.

             Click to Xplore 7 ways of checking !

Top Twitter Trends - 2009

    While we being happy with tweet of some worthy trending topics in twitter,we must consider what others goes off.So hereby the top trending topics in twitter been analysed by twitter and published in its official blog.. 

  This will make us update the real trends over various fields in the world.

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A day with a Quote !!!

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away !" is an awesome quote.

But a more valuable thought ,

"A Quote for a day Keeps your Failure Away "

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