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   It may be a tiny review about an upcoming film or recommendation for a nearby restaurant,we believe in reviews found online.This in turns lead our way when it comes from a trusted web space [for ex,IMDB].

   As now, the ages move in the pillars of social networks,even common people write their reviews about real-time things they get to face in their favorite network.

   When W3Linker curb this reviews, it concludes with simple terms as proceedings. For the foremost, Twitter, it is provided with buit-in Unfortunately Facebook doesn't provide it for the privacy policies.But fortunately a web app swipe our stress,that is - YourOpenBook !

  Take advantage over the reviews,for ex,before booking for a misspend movie.

2011 - A frame of reference by Google,Twitter and Youtube.

Google Zeigeist 2011

   Google,simply the synonym of search,consistently curb the millions of search queries over the years to advance the user search experience.The mighty consequence is the Google Zeigeist which shows us the prominent attention about 2011.

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Twitter:Year In Review 2011

  Twitter,a leading micro-blogging and social networking service,simply the guardian of swarming failwhale ,showed us the powerful element in web 2.0 i.e Tweet.In this era of social media,a  webpage is merely numbed without a Twitter widget or Tweet button.This tempts the W3 Linker to rethink 2011 in viewpoint of Twitter.

YouTube:Rewind 2011

  YouTube,a video sharing website which almost hits  every media minds,the way we share videos have been simply re-engineered by this tube.No need to be a geek to get into videos in web in precise to their ease-of-use is made possible by YouTube.Let this make us to think of reviewing 2011.



Make Your Googling Efficient - A Google A Day !

        Google became a part of our daily life whereas googling is such a handy job that everyone does in search of simple mathematical calculations to complex real-time solutions.In this situation we should enhance ourselves the ways of searching with google in order to bring the target information in minimal search time,and this could be achieved simply by a practice everyday.The W3Linker shows you a place which is good to start i.e "A Google A Day" which  minimizes your search time on everyday hit.

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